Joke Of The Day

The grass I two months ago sowed
I can't believe how fast it's growed
I hear my spouse say,
"Please cut it today."
I would, but I ain't in that mowed
(Gary Hallock)

To her friends said the bright one in chatter,
"I have learned something new about matter;
My speed was so great,
Much increased was my weight,
Yet I failed to become any fatter."

Old McDonald owed much, we must own,
To the land of the Loire and the Rhone
For burgers they say
Got their start in Calais
And the world's first French fry was Saint Joan
(Graham Lester)

A crowbar belongs to a boy
Who said it's his favorite toy.
He will use it to start
When he breaks things apart.
He says that it's his pried and joy.
(Kirk Miller)

There was a young lady named Banker,
Who slept while the ship lay at anchor.
She awoke in dismay,
When she heard the mate say,
"Hoist up the top sheet and spanker."

French armies have been known to cheat
They'll pack lots of French food to eat
Especially cheese
It makes life a bries
Whenever they go on retreat
(Gary Hallock)

Basic math is a chore Zach can't hide.
His bad add-itude can't be denied.
I asked for assistance,
Was met with resistance.
"Please ask sum-body else," he replied.
(Kirk Miller)

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