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My mom drove cross-country to visit me in college.

Heading south from Tucson, we were on our way to spend the day in Mexico when a state trooper pulled us over.

“What seems to be the problem?” Mom asked.

“Drug smugglers use this road a lot,” he explained, “and a suspicious-acting Buick with Pennsylvania plates has been spotted going up and down it.”

“I just got in yesterday.” Mom said. “And I’m hardly a smuggler. Just a teacher on sabbatical.”

The patrolman eyed her suspiciously. “Do you have a prescription for that?”

Bonus Joke:

"Did you give the prisoner the third degree?" asked the police sergeant.

"Yeah, we browbeat him, asking every question we could," answered the arresting officer.

"And did you get a confession?" asked the sergeant.

"Not exactly." replied the officer. "All he said was, 'Yes Dear,' and dozed off."

Extra Bonus Joke:

A boy and his father are playing with toy cars.

The father has the police car and pretends to pull over the car that the boy is playing with. "Do you have a driver’s license?" asks the father.

"No," says the boy.

"Are you resisting arrest?" he asks.

The boy hesitates before he says, "No, I'm not sleepy yet."

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